Smart Product Search

Smart Product Search is an intelligent product search extension for your website. Currently, we have Magento extension that allows your visitors to experience superior, relevant, and accurate search results.


– Plug & Play Artificial Intelligence
– Smart Autocorrect Search Results
– High Search Accuracy
– Highly Customisable Search Term Complete
– Allow visitors to search CMS pages, blocks, categories
– Synonym-based Related searches
– Search by a specific category or attribute
– Detailed Search Analytics and Reporting
– Misspelled and Typo Omittance
– Great ROI and Conversion Booster


Improve your Magento store profitability by making your website search more intuitive, user-centered and intelligent. 100% of our customers have seen an effective boost in their customer conversion rate. If you are not happy with the results, you can unsubscribe anytime.


Talk to us about our using our smart product search today. Our subscription price starts from as low as $49 per month for small eCommerce sites.


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